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What You Need To Know About Chimney Cleaning

by April Carlson

There are few things more comforting than a warm fire when temperatures drop. However, if you have a fireplace that you use, safety is essential. Over time, creosote and other debris will start to accumulate in your chimney. Failure to address this buildup can lead to a significant fire hazard for your home. This is why residential chimney cleaning is a necessity. A chimney cleaning will remove this buildup and catch any other issues that may be hazardous. Here are three things that you should know about residential chimney cleanings.

When You Need A Chimney Cleaning

Knowing when to seek out residential chimney cleaning services is vital. You should seek out a chimney inspection once per year to determine whether cleaning is necessary. There are also signs to watch out for that indicate that your chimney needs cleaning. If your fireplace smells like a campfire, if there is a lot of smoke when you light a fire, if it takes a lot of effort to build a fire, or if your damper is black, your chimney likely requires a thorough cleaning. 

How Much It Costs

Another thing that you should know about chimney cleaning services is how much they cost. Since chimney cleaning is necessary to decrease your home's fire risk, this is an expense that you will need to budget for. Chimney sweeping services will also catch any damage that requires repair. If you frequently enjoy having a fire in your fireplace, you cannot skip out on cleanings and inspections. On average, a chimney cleaning plus an inspection will cost between $150 and $350. However, depending on your chimney, your costs may be higher.

There Are Different Levels Of Inspections

Another thing that you should know about chimney cleaning services is that there are different levels of inspections. Typically, your residential chimney cleaning services are accompanied by a level-one inspection. Annual level-one inspections are a necessity. If you plan to work on your chimney or do construction in and around this area, a level-two inspection will be necessary. A level three inspection is reserved for when your chimney already has structural damage. This is the priciest and most in-depth chimney inspection available.

If you have a fireplace, taking care of your chimney is vital. Annual chimney inspections and cleanings are a necessity if you make use of your home's fireplace. The cost of residential chimney cleaning will usually set you back a few hundred dollars. There are also different levels of chimney inspections, but your chimney cleaning typically includes a level-one inspection.