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Types Of Tree Trimming

by April Carlson

There are various types of tree trimming, each serving different purposes. Here are some of the most common types of tree trimming.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of removing selected branches to reduce the density of foliage. Crown thinning reduces the weight of the crown, which may be necessary if the tree is weak and can easily be damaged by wind. Crown thinning allows air and water to penetrate the crown so that every part of the tree can absorb them. The thinning must be balanced so that the tree's weight is still evenly distributed at the end of the thinning.

Crown Cleaning

The main aim of crown cleaning is to get rid of unhealthy branches. These include dead, diseased, dying, and broken branches. Such branches can spread their diseases to other parts of the tree if they are not removed in time. The branches can also attract pests that might spread to healthy parts of the tree. Only unhealthy branches that are beyond recovery should be removed.

Crown Raising

In crown raising, some of the lower branches of the tree are removed. This increases the tree's vertical clearance, the distance between the ground and the lowest part of the tree. Crown raising might be necessary to increase the usable base of a tree. For example, if a tree is growing close to the road, its crown might need to be raised so that it doesn't affect road users.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction involves trimming the tree to reduce its canopy. You may reduce either the vertical reach of the canopy (the top of the tree), the horizontal extent of the canopy (branches extending sideways from the tree), or both. At the end of the process, the canopy will be smaller than it was before the reduction. Crown reduction helps to keep some distance between a tree and the nearby infrastructure, such as houses or power lines.

Vista Pruning

Lastly, there is vista pruning, which is done purely for aesthetic reasons. For example, if a tree is blocking your view of the beach, you can remove some of the branches to get a clearer view. Vista pruning may be achieved via any of the above pruning methods or a combination of them.

When you trim a tree, you need to know the endgame and trim the tree with that goal in mind. A tree care professional can help you with the entire process.

For more information, contact an arborist.