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3 Different Types Of Hurricane Shutters To Protect Your Home

by April Carlson

When you live somewhere where hurricanes are just a normal part of life, you need to make sure you protect your windows with hurricane or storm shutters. In a storm with high winds, your windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. When your windows are shut, they help stabilize the pressure in your home and protect your home from damage. When a window is broken during a tropical storm or hurricane, rain and debris can enter your home, as well as the strong winds, which can cause even more windows to break and more damage to your home. 

The best way to protect your home is by installing storm shutters, so when you know a storm is on its way, you can buckle down and protect your home.

Storm Shutter Option #1: Automatic Roll-Down Shutters 

If you want to keep things as simple as possible, you should consider choosing automatic roll-down shutters. Automatic roll-down shutters are made of either metal or a thick, durable type of plastic known as polycarbonate. They attach above your windows and are hidden inside of a box when not in use. When you need to use your shutters, you can either pull the shutters by hand or lower them with a push-button, securing them in place at the bottom of your windows. These shutters are a great option as they are really easy to operate on your own. 

Storm Shutter Option #2: Accordion Storm Shutters 

Another easy-to-use style of storm shutter is accordion shutters. Accordion shutters, instead of being attached at the top of your windows, are installed along the side of your windows. They are compressed, like an accordion, and when you need to use your storm shutters, you can pull on them, and they unfurl to provide your windows with protection. They are really easy to operate on your own and are made of sturdy materials such as metal or polycarbonate. 

Storm Shutter Option #3: Bahama Storm Shutters 

Bahama storm shutters are another option. They are attached permanently to your home. They are attached right above your window and have horizontal slants that help keep the rain and sunlight out of your home. You can prop them open most of the year, and then shut them when a storm is coming. Bahama storm shutters are often made from aluminum, but you can also find models made from composite wood and fiberglass.

The only real downside to Bahama storm shutters is that they are always covering your windows, so they are not a great option if you want to enjoy full sunlight or the view from your windows on a regular basis.

If you are not sure what type of storm shutters would be best for your home, be sure to discuss your options with a window shutter installation specialist. They will make sure the shutters you purchase look good on your home while providing you with the protection and ease of use that you need.

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