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Three Things You Can Do To Protect Your Vinyl Siding

by April Carlson

Your home is a reflection of you. Quite naturally, you want to keep your home looking good. If your home's exterior design includes vinyl siding, step one towards accomplishing this goal should include an effort to keep the siding looking good. Learn some practical measures you can take to keep your vinyl siding looking good, longer.

Grill Wisely

On a warm day, few activities are more enjoyable than heading outside to enjoy a barbecue with family and friends. However, when you have vinyl siding, you have to be cautious. You never want to grill too close to your home. Vinyl is a resilient material; however, when it comes to heat, vinyl is susceptible to damage.

If the flame is too close, the vinyl could melt, which would require replacement of the panel. Grill as far away from your home as you can to not only protect your siding, but to also reduce your risk of causing a home fire.

Repair Right Away

When you notice an area of damage around your vinyl siding, it's critical you repair the problem as soon as possible. For instance, assume your child tossed their baseball toward the house, and it cracked a panel of siding. While the issue might look cosmetic, what's going on behind the panel is the real danger.

Any crack or opening on a panel will allow moisture and pests to access the underside of the siding. In terms of humidity, the more moisture behind the boards, the higher the threat for mold growth and the more likely you are to experience damage to other nearby panels. Contact a repair professional as soon as you notice a problem.

Clean Regularly

Just as you clean the area around your house, ensure you also clean the siding. There are all sorts of elements in the air that can lead to the buildup of grime and other organic growths along the siding. Some of these growths can cause staining if they are not removed within a timely manner.

When you clean regularly, you eliminate the buildup of the growths, keep your home looking better, and minimize the risk of damage. A siding professional can help you determine the best cleaning schedule for your home based on your local area.

If you suspect an issue with your vinyl siding, contact a siding contractor. Only an experienced installer can help you determine if your siding is beyond repair, and most important, what steps you need to take to improve its look and condition.