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Things You Should Know About Your Home's Sump Pump

by April Carlson

Sump pumps are common features for many homes. Yet, there are homeowners that will often not have the experience or information to fully appreciate this potentially vital part of their homes. Without an adequately informed understanding, homeowners that have sump pumps will be poorly suited to handle this part of the house.

What Function Does Your Sump Pump Do?

The lower areas of a home can be subjected to a much higher risk of suffering serious problems and damages due to the ability of water to seep into these areas. A sump pump is designed to minimize this risk by removing water as it starts to collect in the basement or other low areas of the house. This is usually done automatically as the sump pump will be activated by the presence of water in the collection drain.

What Care Should You Provide For Your Sump Pump?

A malfunctioning sump pump can lead to serious damages in the home during the next time that there is heavy rain. This makes it essential to take proactive steps in caring for your sump pump. This will include having the pump serviced so that minor damages and instances of wear can be addressed. Furthermore, the drain grates and exit for the sump pump system should be kept clean. Otherwise, the flow of water into or out of the sump pump system can be compromised.

What If Your Sump Pump Starts To Get Overwhelmed?

Sadly, there can be instances where the sump pump may start to get overwhelmed. This may be due to the changes in rainfall patterns or simply the result of an aging sump pump experiencing a decrease in capacity. Regardless of the cause of the pump being overwhelmed, it may be time to replace it with a model that has a higher capacity. Luckily, replacing a sump pump will be far less expensive and much quicker than the original installation.

Are There Options For Reducing The Noise From The Sump Pump?

Some homeowners may find that the noise from their sump pump travels throughout the house. This can be extremely disruptive as the sump pump system may need to activate at any time. It may be possible to greatly reduce the noise from the sump pump by installing a sound reducing cover. These covers are heavily insulated so that they will be able to absorb the sounds that may come from the system when it is running without reducing the capacity fo the pump.

For more information, contact your local sump pump replacement service.