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The Best Materials For Storm Windows

by April Carlson

Storm windows need to be functional, but also able to withstand moisture. A storm window can be added onto your existing window fixture (on the outside) to make them much more efficient. Of course, storm windows are obviously intended for areas where there is a possibility of severe flooding and weather events, but they can be beneficial to homes in pretty much any climate. This article explains what storm windows are, why you should install them, and what materials are most practical.

What Are Storm Windows

Storm windows are fixtures that are installed onto your existing window without taking anything out. That is, a storm fixture can be installed to either the inside or the outside of the fixture. Interior storm fixtures are a little more convenient because they won't be exposed to the elements. That is, the material won't fade or need to be cleaned as often. Obviously, one of the advantages of investing in storm windows is that that is far cheaper than replacing your windows completely. So, if your existing windows are leaky and inefficient, installing storm windows on top of them is going to be a much cheaper solution.

The Best Materials

It is important to note that storm windows come in a variety of styles and are made out of many great materials. Materials like vinyl are practical and stylish at the same time. Whether you are installing interior or exterior storm fixtures, you will not be detracting from your home style. Fiberglass and composite wood are two other common storm fixture materials. Ultimately, you will probably want a material that matches with your primary windows, so it blends in and looks more natural.

The Perks of Storm Windows

Another perk of storm windows is that they can soundproof your fixtures. But most people are going to invest in them because they want to make their windows more airtight and energy-efficient. Basically, the storm window can make your existing window more efficient during the summer by keeping heat out, and more efficient during the winter by keeping it in. New storm windows can reduce air leakage and heat transfer, which are two of the biggest factors in the overall efficiency of your window fixtures.

Since it only costs a fraction of a full window replacement project, installing storm windows with a company such as Southern Glass & Mirror is a smart upgrade for homeowners who have a limited budget but want to make their property more energy efficient.