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Need A New Driveway? How Asphalt Paving And Pavers Compare

by April Carlson

If you need to put in a new driveway and have eliminated concrete as a choice, then you'll probably choose between asphalt and pavers. Both have an attractive appearance and would be suitable for any type of home. Each has its advantages too. Here's a look at how the driveway materials compare.

Cost Of The Driveway

Asphalt is a more affordable option and that's one reason asphalt driveways are popular with homeowners. The materials are less expensive and the installation is less time-consuming so labor is less expensive too. Both options have long lives, so they are good investments. When a lower initial cost is important, then asphalt is a good choice.

Amount Of Maintenance Required

Both types of driveway materials require maintenance. An asphalt driveway will last for many years as long as you have a new sealcoat applied regularly. The sealcoat keeps water from leaking into the base and helps prevent cracks and potholes. A sealcoat also maintains the rich dark color of the surface of the driveway. When it comes to a paver driveway, repairing damage is easy because you can pry up a broken brick and replace it with a new one.

However, maintaining the appearance of a paver driveway can be more labor-intensive work. Paver driveways are often a light color so oil stains and dirt show more easily. The driveway will need to be cleaned or pressure washed regularly to keep it from being covered with ugly stains. Also, weeds can grow in the seams between the bricks. If you don't remove the weeds regularly, your paver driveway can disappear under the growth. Removing them could involve using weed killers, a pressure washer, or hand picking.

Appearance Of The Driveway

Asphalt has an appealing dark surface when it is new and when it is kept in good shape with a sealcoat. This is a traditional look for a driveway and it is suitable for any type of home, even luxury estates. However, if you don't like the black color, you can choose to have a color coating added to the driveway when it is installed. This gives you the option of having a brown, green, tan, or gray driveway. The colors can even be arranged in patterns. This allows you to have an artistic driveway at a more affordable cost than using other materials. Pavers come in many different colors and shapes so they can be arranged to create endless possibilities for a driveway. However, you'll pay more for the pavers, especially if you have a driveway built from the more expensive natural stones.

While either choice is good, when you want to control cost and reduce maintenance labor, then asphalt could be the best material for your new driveway. For more information, contact companies like Phend & Brown.