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How To Keep A Tree From Destroying Your Yard

by April Carlson


Like most people, you love trees but the tree in your backyard is becoming a headache. You've noticed that your back yard garden not thriving as it should? You suspect that the tree in your backyard is sapping all the strength from other plants. Or it could be that tree the in your backyard has grown too big, blocking sunlight from accessing your house, damaging the pavement, or threatening to interfere with the utility line or even to damage your house.

As much as you may hate it, you feel it's time to take action. The question is what should you do about the issue? You have two choices. You can either cut down the tree or trim it.


If the tree does not pose any serious or immediate danger, you can consider trimming it rather than cutting it down. Trimming helps to get rid of dead branches that could fall and cause damage. It makes the tree healthier, more attractive and more productive in terms of fruits and flowers.

Tree Removal

If the tree is dead, hollow, seriously diseased or leaning dangerously, consider cutting it down. If it is interfering with utility lines or the structure of your home, then it is time to have it removed.

Invasive non-indigenous tree species may cause other plant species to stop growing and even die. This they do by blocking access to sunshine, over proliferating and over consuming ground resources at the expense of other plants.

To save your garden, you may have to remove the tree. If the tree is small, you can cut it down yourself and then apply herbicide on the stump. The herbicide will stop the tree from sprouting. You need to contact your neighborhood tree removal and trimming service to help you with this.

Tree removal is time consuming and can be dangerous. For larger trees, contact tree removal and trimming service. They will have the necessary expertise and equipment to safely remove the tree.

To avoid disputes and legal action, discuss the problem with your neighbor if the tree straddles property boundaries. If interfering with utility line, inform your utility company.

Final Thoughts

If the tree in your backyard threatens your garden, you can have it trimmed or removed. If it's a large tree, engage the help of a tree service for trimming and removal. It will be safer for you and will save you time. Visit a site like for more help.