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3 Tips For Renting Out A Home In A Flood Zone

by April Carlson

Owning property in a flood zone can come with its challenges. If you are thinking about renting the property out to tenants, you might be concerned that there will be even more challenges that you have to deal with. Luckily, following these tips can help if you are a landlord or soon-to-be landlord in this type of situation.

1. Make Sure You Have the Proper Insurance

First of all, it is always important to ensure that you carry homeowners insurance on any property that you rent out to tenants. However, you should check your policy to make sure that it covers flood damage. In many cases, homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, so you might be required to purchase separate insurance to ensure that the property is properly protected. Be aware that you might have to pay expensive rates for this type of coverage for a home that is in a flood zone.

2. Suggest Renter's Insurance to Your Tenants

In addition to having your own insurance, it is a good idea to warn your tenants about the potential of flooding and how it could damage their property if something does happen. One good option is to suggest that they purchase renter's insurance to help protect their belongings in the event of a flood or anything else that might happen. Renter's insurance is usually quite affordable and can be a good option for any tenant, and it can be particularly important for a tenant who is going to be renting a property in a flood zone.

3. Provide Information About Flooding History

Some tenants might be understandably nervous about the idea of renting a home in a flood zone. However, as you might already know, many homes in flood zones have never been flooded or haven't been flooded in years. If you have information about the flooding history or a flood elevation certificate of the home that you are going to be renting out, providing this information to tenants can help them to be well-informed and just might give them peace of mind, which could help you rent out the property more quickly.

If you own a property that is located in a flood zone and are thinking about renting it out, you might be worried about the potential challenges that can go along with doing so. Luckily, even though the property might be in a flood zone, you can minimize the issues that you have to deal with by following these tips.