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3 Tips for Helping You Maintain a Healthy Septic System

by April Carlson

When your home is not set up on the city's sewer system, it will likely have a septic system. As part of your responsibility as a homeowner, you need to know what to do to take care of your septic system properly. Here are three tips to help you in using and maintaining your home's septic system.

Be Careful What You Rinse Down

Everything you rinse into your home's drains and toilets will end up in your septic system. Make sure you are only putting materials into your septic system that will be easily broken down and won't disrupt the good bacteria levels in your system. 

Be sure you are using septic-safe toilet paper, and don't rinse harsh cleaners and drain cleaners down the drain. If you have a disposal in your kitchen sink, it is not recommended to use it, as the debris can clog up and disrupt the septic's healthy system. 

Watch for Signs of Back-Ups 

One of the first signs you may notice indicating your septic system needs to be pumped is how your home's pipes drain. If you begin to notice your bathtub, shower, toilet, and other drains are flowing slowly, it can mean your system is full or clogged. As the water level and layer of sludge in your system's tank fills to capacity, or the drain lines become clogged, your home's sewer systems will not work properly.

You may also notice pooling water in your lawn above where your septic tank and system is buried. As the drain field becomes overfilled, the excess water leaches to the surface of your yard and presents as ponding water. A less severe sign of a full tank or system is when your lawn directly above the septic system is unusually green and lush. This is usually preceded by a stench in your yard, which smells of raw sewage.

Employ Regular Septic Pumping 

It is recommended to periodically hire a professional septic system maintenance service to have your tank pumped to remove excess materials. The pumping frequency of your system depends on the number of people in your household using the system and how large your tank's capacity is. If you have a lot of guests or home visitors using your home's sewer system, you may need to check your system's sludge and water levels and have it pumped sooner than you normally would.

If you can be present while the septic maintenance professional pumps your tank, they will be able to give you a report of the condition of your system. They will tell you how healthy your system is according to what its layers look like, which is directly dependent upon what you put into your septic system. The septic technician will also be able to recommend any changes you should make to your home waste usage.

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