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5 Common Reasons Windshields Need Repaired

by April Carlson

A vehicle's windshield is essential for protecting passengers and supporting the roof of a vehicle. Unfortunately, there are times when glass windshields need to be repaired or even replaced entirely. Some of the most common reasons automobile windshields require repair include:

Driving on a Gravel Road

When driving on a gravel road, you should do so very carefully. Driving too fast can cause small pieces of gravel to fly into the air and hit your windshield, causing cracks or chips. If you need to drive on a gravel road, it is also important to stay far behind any cars that are in front of you-- if you drive too close, you can be at great risk for gravel to hit your windshield. 

Getting Stuck Behind Construction Trucks

When possible, it is in your best interest to avoid driving behind large construction trucks. It is not uncommon for debris to fly out of the bed of construction trucks, which can damage your windshield. This is especially true of large construction trucks that are carrying gravel or other types of small rocks. While construction companies try to secure debris as well as possible, it is better to be safe and maintain as much distance as possible.


As anyone who has ever had their car get stuck in a hail storm can tell you, hail can cause extensive damage to both the windshield and body of a vehicle. If your windshield has small cracks and chips after a hail storm, it is best to have your windshield repaired as quickly as possible to help prevent further damage that may cause you to need a windshield replacement.

Improper Installation

If a replacement windshield is not installed properly, it will be loose and prone to vibration in the wind when you're driving fast. Over time, the vibration can lead to your windshield cracking. If you fear that your replacement windshield was not installed the right way, have it checked out by a glass expert or a mechanic.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Very high heat or extreme cold can do damage to your windshield. Glass can expand and contract, and an extreme change in temperature can effect each area of the glass differently. If the glass in your windshield expands and contracts to often or too violently, the glass can crack. It is a good idea to try to keep your vehicle garaged when you know that your area will be experiencing extreme temperatures. 

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