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Why You Need a Construction Permit and How to Get One

by April Carlson

A construction permit or building permit can save your life and protects the value of your home. This document allows counties and cities to enforce their building codes. Local governments adopt certain codes to make sure that every building meets the minimum structural and safety requirements. Building codes are updated every few years because building materials and methods are constantly changing. Read on to find out what you need to work on a building project.

Get the Building Permit

The homeowner or the contractor can get a building permit. If you are hiring a contractor, then he or she can obtain one without your help. However, you should make sure that your contractor is legally authorized to perform the work.

Provide a Detailed Plan

It requires some planning to obtain a building permit. You will need to show, in detail, what you are planning to build. The documents you'll need depend on the size of your project. If you are doing something small, then it may only require a drawing.

When building a new structure, you will need something more complex, like shop drawings or formal blueprints. The blueprint or drawings must be done by an engineer or architect. It also helps to present a sitemap to show the building's location on your property.

Submit Your Building Permit Application

You will need to submit your detailed plans and building permit application to your local inspection and code department. It can take one to 30 days to receive an answer

After you receive your permit, you have six months to start the job. Your permit is good until you complete the work. If you have to stop working for a while, then you should ask for an extension. An extension will prevent your permit from expiring.

Complete an Inspection

A building inspector is most likely to come out to your location for an inspection. He or she wants to make sure your construction meets the building codes. It is possible that the inspector will come out more than once and ask questions. The building inspector also wants to make sure the construction matches your blueprint.

After getting your construction permit, you can move on to your next project. If you are going to perform any activities that can cause pollution, then you want to get an environmental permit. As a business owner, you want to make sure to have the right documents before building.