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Catalpa On A Crushed Tin Roof: What Happens When Trees Meet Metal Roofs

by April Carlson

Most metal roofs are built to last. It takes a lot to damage them. However, they are not entirely nature-proof. That said, if your metal roof has fallen victim to a tornado or a hurricane and a large tree (like a one-hundred-year-old catalpa or redwood) has been dropped on the roof or shoved through it, here is how your roof repair is going to go.

Dropped on Your Roof And Crushed

If you are so "fortunate" as to only have the tree crush your roof, the roofer will be able to cut the top portion of the tree down to manageable chunks. The chunks are chucked to the ground or into a waiting dump truck or dumpster. From there, the roofer and his/her crew will be able to assess the seriousness of damage. Some panels may need to be replaced entirely, while others may be saved with a little light hammering. If the roof is significantly crushed, as is the case with any concave damage and pulverized and cracked plaster inside, the roofer may have to remove that part of the roof entirely and replace it.

Shoved Through Your Roof

Some of the most dangerous and deadly of all tornadoes and hurricanes have winds that can send large solid objects straight through other solid objects. If your roof was subject to a missile in the shape of a tree, you undoubtedly experienced this kind of storm wind. It also means that you can probably see the tree from inside the house and see into the house from the outside while standing next to your impaled roof.

As long as there is no other structural damage, the roofer you hire will have to remove this entire area of your roof, without question. This will include removing the tree piece by piece, too. The one interesting aspect to witnessing this particular type of damage is the shearing force of the tree through the metal roof, which will make the entry and exit holes look like a punctured soda pop can. After the roofer has removed all of the tree and the damaged roof, the new construction begins. This could take a week or two, so you might want to find other lodgings.

The Good News about These Kinds of Damage

The good news about your crushed or impaled metal roof is that the damage was caused by nature is more than likely covered by your homeowner's insurance. Just be sure your insurance agent has had a chance to investigate the damage and take pictures before the roofer begins work. This should provide some comfort. To learn more, contact a company like A & A Roofing Company Inc.