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Electrical Safety: Tips For Child-Proofing Your Electrical System

by April Carlson

As a parent of young kids, you understand the importance of child-proofing and general child safety. What you may not realize is the safety threats that your home' electrical wiring can pose. When it comes to general electrical safety for children, you'll want to reach out to your local residential electrician to assess your home and address any potential vulnerabilities. Here are a few of the things that you should consider.

Make Sure Your Bathroom and Kitchen Contain GFCI Outlets

Water and electricity don't mix, and any time you have kids and water together, you're going to have splashing, some of which could actually hit outlets that are nearby. Ground fault circuit interruption, or GFCI, is an essential safety feature for household electrical systems. This type of outlet will automatically short out and shut down in the face of water introduction. Since the bathroom and kitchen are the two primary areas where water and electricity are in close quarters, make sure your electrician addresses the outlets in those spaces.

Expand The Outlets If You're Stretching Your Space

Don't plug several power strips or adapters into one outlet. If you're running out of open outlets for your power needs, talk with your residential electrician about installing a few extra outlets. Since the power strips can be tempting for kids to play with AND can cause strain on the electrical system, avoiding them this way will help you to keep your kids safer.

Install Safety Covers Over All Sockets

Safety covers are a must-have in any home with kids. These covers are designed to keep kids from putting their fingers into an electrical socket. Your electrician can update all of the fixtures in your house to carry these covers.

This is particularly important if you have any fixtures that are cracked or damaged. Cracked fixture covers can potentially lead to electrical shock exposure, so have them replaced right away.

Ask For A Further Safety Audit

Your electrical contractor has a lot of experience in basic electrical safety and may see threats that you don't. Ask him or her for a complete electrical safety audit geared to child safety. This will give you peace of mind that your electrical wiring and outlets are safe for your littlest ones.

These are a few basic tips to help you address general electrical safety in your home. In addition to these steps, talk to a professional like Excel Electric Inc about the best way to educate your kids on general household electrical safety. The sooner they learn, the safer your home will be.