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Wired For A Winter Wonderland In Your Own Backyard

by April Carlson

Baby, it's cold outside. That doesn't mean you have to be stuck inside. Nor do you have to wait for holiday lights to come out in order to enjoy the beauty of proper illumination and good cheer. Through the everyday magic of electricity, your backyard can be an enjoyable space the whole year round. No, you won't be out there sunbathing. But when you work with an electrician to get safe, sensible outlets and products wired in properly, your backyard can be transformed from a chilly gray space in the winter months. These upgrades can enrich your lifestyle from the moment the temperatures plummet until the warm, sunny skies of summer return.

Automatic Snow Melt System

Electric heating cable installed under driveways and the front walkway have become a traditional way to make winter easier for those who hate shoveling. Snow melting systems don't have to be confined to the front of the house, though. When the cables are installed under the backyard patio, you gain all those square feet of usable space outdoors. When the sun comes out and glistens on the white snow, you won't have to spend an hour or more shoveling before you can enjoy the patio. Instead, the concrete, brick or paver stone surface will be clear and ready for you to relax with a winter picnic in your backyard. It's also practical to have a walkway heated by cable so that you can have a snow-free passage out the back door to the trash cans and the garage.

Working in tandem with the concrete or paver installers, the electrician will take care of:

Comfortable, Cozy Hot Tub

You'll feel like you've escaped to a classy winter resort when you sink down into the soothing warm water of your own backyard hot tub. It may be raining or snowing or just downright cold out there. You won't mind any of that when you're surrounded with the bubbling, heated water. Go ahead and get nice bathrobes, fluffy towels and some warm footwear for the stroll from the back door to the hot tub and back again after you're fully relaxed. But before you do, your hot tub installer and your electrician will ensure that:

  • an electrical panel is installed to safely handle the electrical load to operate all the components,
  • a GFCI circuit breaker is appropriately installed and functional for safety,
  • and both the heater for the water and the pump for circulation are wired properly.

Outdoor Lighting

The daylight hours are short through the winter, and it's easy to let that affect your mood. Cheer things up by making the outdoors just a little bit brighter. With strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can achieve a park-like setting in your backyard without making it so bright it disturbs the neighbors. Your electrician can help you achieve this backyard enhancement by:

  • installing GFCI outdoor outlets that you can use for strings of sparkly lights on bushes and posts near the patio,
  • running underground electrical lines out into the yard for landscape lighting,
  • providing the proper wiring for exterior wall-mounted sconces and porch-style lighting to illuminate the patio area.

With proper planning and the services of a qualified electrician, your backyard can be an oasis from the chilly days of winter for you, your family and your friends.