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7 High Tech Bathroom Accessories for Your Home

by April Carlson

The world of high tech has entered the throne room in style. You can now fully accessorize your bathroom with high tech accessories to bring that space into the modern world. When you make your bathroom a high tech wonderland, every visit feels like an all-inclusive visit to the spa. You may even find that you never want to leave the space once you enter its confines. Here are seven high tech bathroom accessories to consider for your next remodel.

Smart Mirror

A smart mirror acts as a news ticker, weather widget and TV screen while retaining the reflective properties it is known for. You can even have the mirror play music videos, so you can sing in the shower in style. The mirror displays this extra information and entertainment in the bottom corner, so you can use the rest of the surface for your health and beauty routine.

Cabinet Speakers

If you live in a busy household, you might need something a bit more powerful than music videos to escape into your own world. You can easily tune out your entire household after adding cabinet speakers to your bathroom. The hidden speakers link to your phone and blast out your favorite tunes with a push of a button.

Waterfall Tap

The gentle flow of a waterfall naturally inspires feelings of relaxation. You can add a waterfall tap to your sink space to give your entire bathroom a relaxing atmosphere. When you turn on the tap, the water will cascade down the waterfall elements to the decorative basin below. You can still adjust the water pressure when you need to blast your hands clean or gently wash your face.

Sink Slider

To activate your sink with minimal effort, you can replace your bathroom faucet knobs with a slider that flicks the water on with a single touch. You can also change the water pressure and temperature by using the touch controls on top of the slider. You never have to bother with finicky knobs again after making this smart upgrade.

VR Shower

You can shower in any environment imaginable after adding a virtual reality, or VR, shower to your bathroom. The VR shower displays a brand new environment on the walls to help you escape from reality as you wash away the stress of the day. You can select a new scene for every shower or just escape to your favorite happy place each time.  

Disinfectant Rack

Even though you only use your bathroom towel to dry off your clean body, it can still attract germs between showers. You can keep your towel clean, fresh and warm to the touch by placing it on a disinfectant rack. The rack uses heat and UV light to kill germs that dare to touch your fluffy towel fibers. When you hop out of the shower, your towel will feel warm to the touch to help you dry off in luxury.

Touch Free Toilet

If you want to clean up another potentially germy area of the bathroom without lifting a finger, have a touch free toilet installed in your domain. The toilet also uses ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria sitting on the seat. You just have to lift the toilet seat when you are done using the bathroom to activate the auto cleaning process. When you return, your seat will be clean and relatively germ free.

Selecting Your High Tech Bathroom Accessories

Brand new high tech bathroom accessories come onto the market every day, so do not limit yourself to just the seven options above. Share your vision of your bathroom space with your contractor to find other accessory options that will help transform that area. Your contractor can help you select and install a multitude of high tech accessories that will make every trip to the bathroom feel like a spa experience. 

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