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4 Things To Look At When Choosing A New Toilet

by April Carlson

Even though it might not seem very glamorous or fun, buying a new toilet is an important purchasing decision. You shouldn't just purchase the first toilet that you see when doing a bathroom renovation; instead, you should consider a few things and look at a few options so that you make the right choice. These are a few helpful tips for buying the right toilet for your home.

1. Compare Shapes

First, you will want to compare the bowl shapes of different toilets. Two of the most common types are elongated and round toilets. You may find that an elongated toilet is a bit more comfortable, but if you have a tiny bathroom, you may want to consider a toilet with a round bowl shape. This is because round toilets actually take up less space, making them a better fit for really tight spaces.

2. Height

Consider the height of the people in your home when choosing a toilet. A chair-height toilet can be a better choice for some people with physical disabilities, such as those who use a wheelchair, and can also be a better fit for those who are a bit shorter in stature. For your average family, however, a standard-height toilet should be just fine.

3. Color

Look at the colors that are used in your bathroom or that you plan on implementing when renovating this part of your home. A bright white toilet is standard and can look nice and bright in a newly renovated bathroom, but it's not always the best choice. If you want a toilet that will not show rings and dirt as easily, you may prefer an almond-colored toilet. Toilets also come in blue and other colors, so if you're looking for a unique way to add a dash of color to your bathroom, you may want to consider looking at different colors, too.

4. Ease of Cleaning

One thing that many people never even think about when picking out a toilet is how easy it will be to clean. However, if the toilet has a lot of ridges, it can be easier for dust and debris to get caught on the surface, meaning that the toilet has to be wiped down more frequently. If you choose a model that is more streamlined, it can be easier for you to wipe down the outside of the toilet to keep it nice and clean.

As you can see, purchasing a new toilet is not something that you should take lightly. Instead, take these four things into consideration when choosing a model that will be suitable for your home. To learn more, visit a website like