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Crane Rental Will Provide You With Upgrades In Technology Without The Cost Of Replacement

by April Carlson

If you use cranes within your business, you know that once you purchase one you have a piece of machinery that has a useful lifespan that can exceed 12 years. Depending on the working conditions, and the amount of use, your machine may last much longer than that. While a long life may be good for your bottom dollar, you will miss out on many of the technological advances that will come with newer equipment. You can have both the technological advances, and a lower bottom line by opting for a crane rental rather than buying.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Unlike the older generations of electro-hydraulic cranes, newer models come equipped with electrical variable frequency drives (VFD). These are also known as adjustable frequency drives, variable-speed drives, or an inverter drives. This type of drive controls the rotational speed of the alternating current electrical motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor. 

VFD technology provides your crane operators with more control over the machines they are operating. It allows them to choose from multiple speeds, which in turn allows them to customize their hoist controls. This gives them better load control and allows them to gradually slow their loads down to avoid shock loading or load swings. 

This type of technology also gives them the ability to stop and start their loads faster, as well as adjust their operating speeds. This gives them the ability to load and unload with more precision and accuracy than they may have on the older machines that you may be currently operating. 

Because VFDs only consume power when it is needed, this type of drive is much more energy efficient than some of the older models that are on market. Better energy efficiency means lower operating cost, which can greatly contribute to your bottom line.

Another advantage to using VFD technology is that many of them come with fully equipped with digital diagnostics. This not only makes keeping up with your maintenance easier, but it allows you to be able to troubleshoot directly on the machine, or even be able to access your machine remotely. By identifying any problems early on, you will be able to contact the rental company and get them to address or replace the equipment to reduce any downtime you may experience.

Optimized Pulley Rope Angles

When you rent cranes with upgraded or optimized pulley rope angles, the crane will make the angles smaller, which in turn will reduce the wear and tear on the wire. In addition to offering smaller angles, many of the newer systems also offer smart technology that monitors and reports the ongoing condition of your wire ropes, as well as makes suggestions when it comes time to replace them. 

Various Sizes Of Equipment

Another major advantage that you will have when renting a crane is that you will be able to choose the size of the equipment you need to get the job done. This will keep you from having to figure out how to get an over-sized piece of equipment onto a job site where you really do not need equipment that size. You will need to figure out is how much weight you will be lifting, your lift range, and the radius, or the distance from the center of your load to the center of your crane, that you will be working with.

If you are going to be working in a small or confined space, you will also need to know how much distance you will need for the outriggers to be fully extended. Once you have this information, you will be able to determine the tonnage of the crane you need to rent.  

The next time you need a crane on your job site, consider renting one of the newer ones of the market. Once you see all of the technological advances they come with, you may never want to use your old equipment again.