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How To Keep Food Dumpster Odors At Bay

by April Carlson

A dumpster rental can be quite convenient if you need to get rid of a great deal of waste before you move. If you have expired food items and you need to clean out your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, or other food storage location, then you can place food items in the dumpster. However, you do not want your dumpster to smell foul for days or weeks before the garbage container is picked up. Keep reading to find out how you can reduce food odors.

Rent The Right Dumpster

One of the easiest ways to prevent food odors from releasing from your dumpster is to rent the right kind of container in the first place. Most people will rent roll off dumpsters for residential purposes. These types of dumpsters come in 10 to 40 cubic yard varieties. This means that the dumpster can hold between 5 and 20 pickup truck loads of waste. However, the dumpster is open on the top and this can allow odors to escape fairly easily. A traditional dumpster can solve this issue with a lid, but most varieties only hold up to 8 cubic yards of material.

If you need to throw away large amounts of materials, but want an enclosed dumpster, then consider renting a compactor during your house clean-out. Most compacting dumpsters have a 5 to 1 compaction rate, and this means that wastes will be compacted to take up about one-fifth of their size. In general, a 6 yard dumpster will be able to hold about 30 yards of waste. 

A compactor can offer enclosed garbage collection and it can help with the collection of large amounts of materials. It can also help to reduce food odors. When food is compacted, there is less of a surface area where bacteria, yeast, and mold can access the food. These microbes are responsible for creating food odors as they break organic materials down. The odors come from the decomposing foods themselves as well as the byproducts released by the microbes. Also, less of the compacted food will be exposed to the air, so you are less likely to smell decomposing food.

Sprinkle A Deodorizer

You may not want to rent a dumpster compactor if you need to throw away furniture items or other belongings that will not compact easily. If this is the case, and food will only take up a small portion of the dumpster, then a roll off dumpster may be your best option. As soon as you receive this dumpster, you should sprinkle a deodorizer on the bottom to keep foul odors at bay. 

If you want to prevent as many odors as possible, then sprinkle a generous amount of garden or agricultural lime on the bottom of the container. Lime is a calcium hydroxide powder material that can create an extremely alkaline environment in the dumpster. Specifically, lime has a pH value over 12. This high pH level can destroy the microbes in the dumpster that cause the food wastes to decompose. Without decomposition, the dumpster will not release foul odors. The high pH will also keep insects, like flies, away from the dumpster. 

Lime can be dangerous and cause burns on the skin if it is mishandled. If you decide to use lime, then make sure to wear protective gloves and safety glasses. If you do not want to handle the chemicals, then kitty litter and baking soda sprinkled on the bottom of the dumpster can also help to control odors. 

If you need to throw away items from the home, and some of these items are food, then you will need to choose your dumpster carefully to prevent food odors. Compactor dumpsters can help with odor reduction and so can the sprinkling of deodorizers on the bottom of the container. For more information on your dumpster rental options, contact a company like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc.