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Facts On Fiber Cement Siding

by April Carlson

From making a large financial investment for your family's future to personalizing your own space with paint, furniture, and decor, it is easy to see the excitement of buying your first home. Unfortunately, home ownership also requires a great deal of maintenance to protect your investment. Since the siding is an imperative part of your home's appeal and value, proper understanding of your home's exterior siding is essential. Of course, the different materials used on homes today can be overwhelming. Using this guide on fiber cement siding, you will not only understand the construction and durability of this material, but you will also learn how to properly maintain this siding on your home. 

It's Been Around

While surprising for many homeowners to learn, fiber cement is not a new material used for exterior siding. Although it is becoming a popular option for homes today, fiber cement was first introduced about 25 years ago. Visit numerous neighborhoods, and you will see a large selection of homes that have this siding material.

Looks Like Vinyl and Wood, but It's Not

Fiber cement is made from a combination of pulp fibers and a cement solution. This combination of ingredients creates a durable material that resembles vinyl siding from a distance. However, when up close to the fiber cement siding, you will notice the grain-like finish that is similar to wood planks.

It's Really Durable but Affordable, Too

Owning a home with fiber cement siding should give you a huge sense of satisfaction, since the material is incredibly durable. While the lifespan of your specific home's siding is difficult to determine, most fiber cement manufacturers warranty their product for up to 50 years. Here are a few key traits of fiber cement that make this siding option so durable:

  • No Worry of Rot/Decay
  • Resistant to Termites and Other Pests
  • Reduced Risk of Sun Fading and Discoloration
  • Fire Resistant
  • Wind/Storm Resistant

While incredibly durable, fiber cement is actually rather affordable. On average, the cost to install fiber cement ranges from $4.50 to $9 per square foot. Considering the material is virtually indestructible, fiber cement siding is a smart investment for your home.

It's the Most Versatile Option

Also known as hardie plank or hardie board, fiber cement can be installed on your home in horizontal board siding, panel siding, faux cedar shingles and shakes, or in decorative shapes in the gables of your roof.

You can install fiber cement in different designs and patterns, but you can also paint the siding in a color suited to your personal style and home's overall design.

The different manners of installation and unique color options available make fiber cement a truly versatile option for your home's exterior siding.

Fiber Cement Is Easy to Maintain

An exterior that is clean and in good condition is not only important for curb appeal, but it also increases your home's total value. Thankfully, maintaining your home's curb appeal and value is simple with fiber cement siding.

Pressure washing the exterior of your home every year is smart, since this is sufficient for removing dirt, dust, and debris from the siding and roof. If you want to change the color or enhance the current color, consider painting the siding using acrylic paint.

A 100-percent acrylic paint, designed for the exterior of your home, may last up to 15 years, so it is a great option for your home. When painting, be sure to apply two coats, ensuring the newly applied paint lasts for an additional 10 years. Make sure to apply the paint over a sealant on your fiber cement. This will ensure the paint adheres in an even, appealing manner.

Maintaining your new home will require proper knowledge, so understanding your exterior siding is key. Understanding these facts, you will have a better grasp on your fiber cement siding and be able to maintain your exterior without any stress. For more tips, contact local siding contractors from a company like Lifetime Exteriors