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4 Things To Check Before Allowing A Roofing Contractor To Begin Work On Your Roof

by April Carlson

Once you find a contractor you trust and hire them to begin work on your roof, you may think that the majority of your job is done. However, if you want to make sure that things will go as planned, it is important that you check in with the roofing crew the first day they arrive to work on your home. This way, you can make sure that all of the aspects of your contract are being followed and there will not be any issues with the work on your home. Below are four things that you should check for before you allow a roofing crew to begin work on your home.

The Project Manager Is Onsite and In Charge 

It is important that you have someone that you can talk to at the work site if you see something questionable or if your home is experiencing problems during the repair. This will usually be the project manager. Unfortunately, some companies send out their crews while the project manager sits in the office, managing multiple projects. This is not a problem as long as there is a crew leader who will communicate with you and take immediate responsibility for issues during the work day. If the crew cannot identify that person, you should call the roofing company and not allow work to begin until an appropriate project manager is sent to your home. 

Ladders Have Stabilizers or Standoffs 

Ladder stabilizers or standoffs place the weight of ladders against either your wall or your current roof as opposed to the edge of your roof or your gutter systems. This can save your gutters from getting bent, twisted, and torn up from the weight of the ladder and the pressure of people moving up and down the ladder throughout the day. When the workers are placing the ladders, you should check that the weight of the ladder is supported by the wall or the roof by looking for small extensions that connect the ladder directly to these areas. If the ladders do not have these, ask the crew to wait and call the main office to ask why stabilizers are not being used. 

The Crew Has a Clear Path to Your Roof 

When the crew arrives, it is important to point out delicate areas of your yard. For example, places where you do not want ladders placed or particular bushes or garden beds that should be protected during work should be noted. While you should have gone over these details with the person completing an inspection of your roof, it is still a good idea to let the crew know these details. You can simply tell the project manager or foreman which areas to avoid or be cautious around, and they will pass on the details to the crew and alter their work as necessary. 

Trash Receptacles Are Placed Where You Agreed 

The trash receptacles used to hold roofing material can weigh large amounts, which can sometimes damage asphalt driveways or sections of your yard. You should make sure that the garbage receptacle is placed in the area where you agreed to have it placed during your initial quote. If you did not agree on a specific area at that time, then you should discuss potential damages with the project manager or foreman and decide on the best place to put the trash receptacle during the project. 

Once the project gets started, you can usually safely leave your home without worrying about the construction on it. However, checking these simple things before allowing your crew to start will help make certain that the construction company you hired respects your property and honors their agreements. For more information, contact a local roofing company like Allen Roofing & Construction Inc