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Have Room At Your Home's Front Entrance? Create A Porch Enclosure

by April Carlson

Making improvements to your home is a great way to gain more pride in homeownership. While you can certainly invest in upgrades, you should think also about adding new features to your home. If you already have an open porch with concrete around the front entrance, you can turn it into an enclosed porch.

Perfect Place to Relax in the Morning

It is not always feasible to spend time on your porch, but enclosing it will allow you to spend more time there. On fall and winter mornings, it may normally be too cold to go outside -- even when you have a hot cup of coffee, pants, slippers, and a long-sleeved shirt to keep yourself as warm as possible. A porch enclosure will give you automatic protection against the wind, which can make an enormous difference.

A Safe Spot for Kids and Pets

If you are busy around the house, you might not feel comfortable with your pets or kids going outside. With an enclosed porch, they can still feel closer to outside without actually leaving the house. Dogs and cats may spend hours just watching everything pass by from birds and people to cars and bicycles. Your kids can enjoy a number of activities in this area, whether it is playing with friends or doing homework.

Electricity Is Optional

To create a four-season porch, you have to get more than electricity for the space. You will need the room to connect to your heating and air conditioning system to maintain temperatures during harsh weather. But, most homeowners can make this space a two to three-season room with just electricity added. Not only is it beneficial for having a ceiling fan to help regulate temperature, but it is useful for porch activities.

While electricity will increase the cost of the project as a whole, it is a reasonable expense to enjoy the benefits that it can provide. For homeowners who want to stick to the tightest budget possible, the easiest thing to do is skip the installation of electricity and just go for a basic enclosed patio. It might not be fancy, but it will increase your ability to enjoy the space during mild parts of the year.

Transforming a basic porch into a highly usable space is not an easy task to accomplish. By setting a budget and going through your wants and needs beforehand, you can create an enclosed patio that you love.